Just a Sample of Just a Few  Projects Completed by Lobb's Roofing & Siding
This is a picture of the Christ United Method Church located on Berwick St. in Easton, PA. We were contracted to install a new shingle roof.This is a picture of the completed church roof.This is a picture of the completed church roof.
This house had an original cedar shake roof that was outdate and now leaking. The shakes were removed and the roof was the reboard with new plywood.This is a picture of the finished roof with new shingles and now no leaks, guranteed!
This church originally had a slate roof which needed to be removed.After removing the slate, the roof then needed plywood .We also completely remodeled the steeple  with new siding, louvers, and shingles.The restoration also included installing new sofit and copper gutters.This is a picture of the finished roof, remoldel steeple, copper gutters, and snow catchers.This is picture of the finished shingle roof that previously had deteriorating slate.
This is the result of a leaky roof if not fixed. The water damaged the plywood which needed to be replaced.A picture of the water damaged plywood replaced.
This slate roof needed to be removed and reboarded with plywood.This is a picture of one side finished with new shingles.
The "Easton Assassin" Larry Holmes chose us to install a new rubber flat roof at his residence and training gym.This picture shows the rubber roofing materials being hoisted up onto the roof.The roof previously was covered with stone, which had to be removed for the new install. We also replaced the shingle roof.
No job is to small. This tree house had seen better days and the roof definately needed to be replaced.We reboarded the roof with plywood to give it more support and to help prevent leaks.The finish project and now no more leaks,
This home recieved a comlete renovation including new roof, siding, fascia, gutters, windows casings, and painting.The finished roof and siding. What a Difference!Picture of the finished project front view.
This barn was in great need of a new roof.This picture shows the completed barn roof with new shingles.
This is a picturre of a historical renovation of a buidling on Govenors Island, NY. This roof needed a large amount of shingles that could even have covered a entire football field.This picture displays the new copper valleys.This picture shows a small portion of the completed roof.In this picture the owner, Barry Lobb, boards the ferry to get to Govenors Island.Riding the Ferry to Govenors Island, NY.
Gray Chevrolet was having a problem where the rain from the roof was rotting the wood all along the side of the building. We installed new metal roofing all around the building and this solved their problem.
This home received a new makeover with siding & gutters.This is the original siding that is in the process of being removed.The finished product. What a difference!
This KFC was having a problem with their rubber roof leaking. We inspected the roof and completed the necessary repairs.After the repairs, the roof was then leak free.
This is a picture of new construction.The finished roof.
Historical Church
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Christ United Methodist Church
Easton, PA
Govenors Island, NY
Tree House
Rubber Roof
Complete Home
Cedar shake
Roof Replacement
New Siding & Gutters
Roof Replacement
New Construction Roof
Gray Chevrolet Stroudsburg, PA
Metal Roof
Barn Roof Replacement
KFC Rubber Roof Repair
Water Damage from
Leaky Roof
Slate Removal, New Shingle Roof
Palmeri's Funeral Home
Martins Creek, PA